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Intel spending additional $7 bn on US 32nm manufacturing

by Scott Bicheno on 10 February 2009, 14:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Investing in shrinking

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has announced a further investment of seven billion dollars in existing US manufacturing sites in Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico to enable them to run Intel's next generation 32 nanometre manufacturing process.

The first fruit of these manufacturing facilities will be processors codenamed ‘Westmere'. In keeping with Intel's ‘tick-tock' strategy of CPU family launches this is a process shrink (from 45nm to 32nm) of the ‘Nehalem' generation of processors, which are known to the public as Core i7.

One twist, however, is the incorporation of "graphics capability" into the processor. Additionally, as reported on HEXUS.net this morning, Intel is expected to debut a 32nm mobile part with a graphics core as early as Q1 2010.

Otellini was speaking at the Economic Club of Washington, but Intel will be demonstrating a fully functional Westmere based device for the first time in San Francisco later today. Come back to HEXUS.net for more details on Westmere today as we get them.


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