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Intel drops prices of quad core CPUs by up to 40%

by Scott Bicheno on 19 January 2009, 08:28

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Price promise

Intel published an amended price list late yesterday, which saw it drop the price of its top-end Core 2 Quad CPU - the Q9650 - by 40 percent, to $316 for wholesale customers.

There were a large number of other price reductions, all of which are shown in the table below. Intel's three new Core i7 CPUs, however, were not among them and neither were any Atoms.

Those processor numbers starting with a 'Q' are desktop Core 2 Quads, those with 'E' are desktop dual core, the 'P' is a mobile Core 2 Duo and those with 'X' are Xeon server CPUs.

The CPUs without letter prefixes are mobile Celerons, which Intel appears to have decided should all cost $70. It's not clear, therefore, why anyone would buy anything other than the 585, which has the highest clock speed by some way.

As a reminder: the published price of the AMD Phenom II X4 240 BE is $275 and the Phenom II X4 920 is $235. There was no change to the AMD price list at time of writing.

Model number Price ($) Decrease (%)
Q9650 316 40
Q9550 266 16
Q9400 213 20
Q8300 183 18
Q8200 163 16
E7400 113 15
E5300 74 14
E5200 64 24
E2220 64 14
E1400 43 19
P8600 209 13
585 70 35
570 70 48
560 70 35
540 70 19
530 70 19
X3370 316 40
X3360 266 16
X3350 266 16
X3330 224 16

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so is the AMD p2 really cheaper then the core 2 quads now?
so is the AMD p2 really cheaper then the core 2 quads now?


AMD 920 = £186.17
Intel 9300 = £202.16

AMD 940 = £218.49
Intel 9550 = £240.32
What I've been waiting for (maybe) to upgrade.
I was planning on making the jump to i7 but at that price i would have to think about it the Q9650 would replace my Q6600 for around 12 months as i doubt that there would be any benefit speed wise with the i7920 over the Q9650 but it would be a nice price for the Q9650 which is a monster chip that i should think would get to 4ghz no problem and i should think is faster than the bottom of the range i7920.

Id be interested to hear peoples views on this as the upside of sticking with the 775socket is i can still use my high end asus board and my 8gig of ram am i going to see any benefit with the i7 over the 775.

AMD 920 = £186.17
Intel 9300 = £202.16

AMD 940 = £218.49
Intel 9550 = £240.32

how about if it was:

PII 920 - £155.78
PII 940 - £187.42