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Target Components offers its customers a helping hand

by Scott Bicheno on 18 July 2008, 16:38

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Frequent Flyer

Castleford based distributor Target Components has contacted HEXUS.channel to announce the launch of a new web-based direct marketing tool, designed to help its customers to promote their products.

Called the Frequent Flyer Programme it is a simple web tool that allows any Target customer to produce a direct marketing flyer within minutes. Market development director Randall Pevin explained the thinking behind it. “We developed the Frequent Flyer Program to help our customers offset what is being described as a slowdown in the sector,” he said.

“Our account holders simply upload their logo, type in their company details and marketing message, input their pricing and click one button. Immediately and in real time, our system sends them a perfectly designed and formatted PDF and HTML version of a product flyer that they can print or send out electronically to their customers. This tool is provided free of charge to our customers.”

We decided to put it to the test and in a few minute produced this, based on a template for a flyer for Galaxy products found on the Target Frequent Flyer site.

The template deliberately only offers a certain amount of customisation because, of course, the vested interest Target has is that it's customers will use it to sell products sourced from them. However, Pevin insists that its a very simple process to create a new template should a customer request one.

It doesn’t look like Target’s going to stop at just flyers. “Additionally, in the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a similar tool that facilitates the creation of a complete, bespoke product catalogue in both PDF and HTML formats. It will rely on the same underlying technology as the Frequent Flyer and will potentially save our customers thousands of pounds in normal catalogue production costs.“

You can have a look at the Frequent Flyer site here.

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