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Carphone Warehouse involved in Tiscali acquisition process

by Scott Bicheno on 9 May 2008, 17:08

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Busy times for CPW

A Carphone Warehouse (CPW) spokesperson has confirmed that it is in the running to buy ISP Tiscali.

“The sales process on an acquisition is a long term process,” said the spokesperson. “I'm saying that we are involved in that process but our investors will remember that we have a tradition of not over paying for on acquisitions.”

The latter point was made in response to reports that CPW had bid £550 million for Tiscali. “I don't know where that figure came from,” added the spokesperson. “It certainly didn't come from us and we would never divulge how much we were planning to bid. It would be madness to do so!”

It would certainly be a good fit for the ISP arm of CPW - TalkTalk, which was made semi-autonomous from the retail arm that Best Buy is now the joint-owner of, last month. Tiscali is the only remaining major ISP available for acquisition and it would make CPW/TalkTalk the biggest ISP in the UK.

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Is this good or bad for Tiscali users like myself?

CPW/TalkTalk any good? We have never had any problems with Tiscali in my house.
I have heard that Talk Talk customer service is awful.

I'm a pipex homecall (tiscali) user as well, and I have had one problem (adsl line was not syncing), but it was resolved within about 2 days which is not bad :). Also the customer service even though based in India was half decent.
If CarphoneWarehouse/TalkTalk are acquiring Tiscali, its more likely that the ISP stuff will be handled by the Tiscali team than the CPW team.

Personally I would think that would be a drop is quality of service - since I consider Tiscali to be the worst evil around. No idea about TalkTalk - didnt have to contact them for anything for the one year we had broadband through them.
Well i'm with talk talk, all i can say is that the customer service is a bit random, can be amazing, can be shocking. Some of the stuff they do say is quite scripted. Overall all the problems i've had with them have been fixed, the speeds that i'm supposed to be getting (about 4meg) is usually quite constant.
I had tiscali at my house.It was the worst connection ive ever had :angst: dropping connection at up to 30 times a day and very slow speeds when i could get a connection ,cosutmer service was terrible they kepy blaming the fault on the got orange :) and it hasnt dropped once on the same line and cables.No wonder they are up for sale