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Buffalo targets smaller resellers

by Scott Bicheno on 11 April 2008, 18:09

Tags: Buffalo Technology

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Thanks for the memory

Dave Gibson, EMEA memory sales and marketing manager at Japanese storage and memory giant Buffalo Technology, told that Buffalo wants to grow its European turnover by 50 percent.

Speaking at ITCVE 2008, Gibson revealed that Buffalo, which is probably best known for its high-capacity external HDDs, is the number one memory vendor in Japan.

He revealed that 80 percent of Buffalo’s hard drive business is through SIs and would like to echo the success of its Japanese memory business in Europe.

Gibson thinks that Buffalo’s reputation for reliability, delivery and service should appeal to SIs, and revealed a desire to penetrate the Mac channel too.

Lastly, Buffalo was showing off its Linkstation Pro Duo. This is the 1TB version but it goes up to 2TB.

Why not just make 1 a bit louder?

…these go up to 2.

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