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MESH exercises its HEXUS.right2reply

by Scott Bicheno on 11 April 2008, 10:24

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Another perspective

Following our earlier news article (see HEXUS.channel :: MESH computers placed ‘on stop’ by outsourced on-site support partner), a MESH representative contact HEXUS.channel this morning with a statement detailing its perspective on its relationship with Repair-Line Ltd.

In line with our HEXUS Right2Reply policy we have published the entire statement, verbatim, below.

Mesh Computers Ltd entered into a contract with Repair-Line Ltd, in May 2007, in order for Repair-Line Ltd to supply technical support and onsite maintenance cover for all Mesh manufacturers warranties.

Mesh Computers Ltd offered for sale Repair-Line Ltd extended warranties for which Repair-Line Ltd have received, or taken directly all payments. It is the responsibility of Repair-Line Ltd to fulfil their obligations of cover of these warranties.

All payments in respect of Mesh manufacturers warranty and other warranties, covered by the contract, have been made in advance to Repair-Line Ltd, in the sum of £435k.

Mesh Computers Ltd put Repair-Line Ltd on 7 days notice to remedy a number of breaches of the contract, but did not receive a reply.

Due to the level of complaints Mesh Computers Ltd received from their clients, specifically regarding Repair-Line Ltd's level of service, Mesh decided to terminate the contract, giving three months notice to Repair-Line Ltd in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Mesh Computers sent their representative to Repair-Line Ltd’s premises in Castleford to retrieve Mesh Stock and clients systems. Repair-Line Ltd's premises had been seized by the landlords.

Mesh were denied access to their Clients systems. Mesh Computers Ltd has, additionally made a formal complaint to Trading Standards, on behalf of their clients. Mesh is in the process of issuing a statutory demand for non-payment, by Repair-line Ltd for parts supplied.

Along with ourselves we are aware of other third party, Customer and Supplier, companies who have taken action regarding Repair-Line Ltd. In particular one claim is listed for hearing in the Leeds County Court on 10th June 2008.

Mesh Computers Ltd has made alternative arrangements to ensure that their Clients systems are fully supported.

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Ive seen and read with disbelief with regards to mesh’s responce to the posting by their repair company.
The responce presented by mesh computers is clearly full of holes.
Firstly Mesh themselves state they began working with repairline in may 07, yet on the 2nd of may 07 Mesh were featured on BBC Watchdog due to thousands of complaints of poor service and support. Did RepairLIne really piss this many customer off this quick!!! :embarrassed:Seems they did it in a day, well maybe 2 lol
Although mesh state they had complaints about the service and support provided by repair line, these problems were clearly there and documented before any involvement by this support company, i wonder what happened to the last company that dealt with Mesh prior to this one?
If repairline took on the previous “mess” shown on watchdog, along with what seems to be a pretty poor build of pc how quickly could any company resolve the outstanding complaints of thousands of disgruntaled customers?
Also I did much research on this company when I took them to court previously for not supplying me with what i had bought and paid for I found the following . Geraldine Dawson who is apparently the primary internal legal contact at mesh, also worked for time before they went belly up, the services of The centre man at Mesh Paul Kinsler, was also engaged by Evesham, before they went belly up Strange that this man is now appearing at mesh.
I could be wrong however putting 2 and 2 together it does seem to me that this team now heading up the Mesh management is the hatchet squad as it seems any company they touch goes into liquidation.
Has anyone else noticed the stealth change of “Mesh Computers PLC” to “Mesh Computers LTD” at the same time. Whats that and the MRM situation for if they are fit and well?
Seems to me Mess Computers clearly opperate with their eyes closed, care little for what they supply or their customers , they think we are all stupid! As my mother always said there is no smoe without fire!!! Be careful there are lots of other PC companies out there i got my new PC from Scan and its been brilliant.
…and breath Saeed!
Just want to add to this, as an ex-mesh employee, I can say that repairline are a bit of a shambles, and I feel I do have to stand up for Mesh on this one.

Saeed is right about Paul Kinlser though. I left shortly after he arrived, knowing he would be a disaster for the company, and was proven correct. He was involved in the failure of Evesham, Time and Tiny, god only knows what posessed Mesh to take him on. thankfully I'm out of it!!
I used to work at repairline and I can say hand on heart that it is the worst company I have ever worked for. I started work there in 2005 and we were doing support for medion, I remember doing some repairs for mesh in 2006. Why did mesh sign a contract in may 2007 if they were having problems with repaireline's support. Carl hill is the most arrogant bloke I have ever met and the people who work for him just go along with his bull****. It turns out that he has never even paid my income tax to the tax man as they have no record of me working at repairline. Its a good job I kept my wage slips or I would have been in deep ****. Things went from bad to worst when Carl bagged off with Paula (one of his office staff) and got rid of his girlfriend. He and Paula were quickly loved up and married and they had a child. I suspect it was Carl's cash that got Paula interested and she quickly became the biggest pain in the arse for the staff. Most of the staff were very pleasant but that did'nt last long as they were encouraged to turn into twisted and bitter people, (a bit like myself) Most people left and got proper jobs (including myself) before the change was permanant. Working for repairline I was told to lie to customers and to spend no more than 20 minutes on a visit. Engineers were expected to travel between 200/400 mile per day and I rarely got home before 9pm at night. The quality of engineers was diabilical, I have been to jobs where an engineer has been the week before and the repaire was not done or poorly done, that was because Carl was so desperate he would take enyone on. If they could drive and take the side off a PC that was good enough for him. He rarely let the engineers meet in case they compared notes and found out what a twat he was. Anyway if he has gone bust that is a great result and it leaves a nice vacuum for someone to offer a really great service to the support industry.
Hi all,
“The responce presented by mesh computers is clearly full of holes.
Firstly Mesh themselves state they began working with repairline in may 07, yet on the 2nd of may 07 Mesh were featured on BBC Watchdog due to thousands of complaints of poor service and support. Did RepairLIne really piss this many customer off this quick!!! :embarrassed:Seems they did it in a day, well maybe 2 lol” - Ok, this guy is thinking logically. But I worked for Repair Line they were repairing mesh systems well before may.Take a quick look at the complaints forums, im sure some of the mention repair line & they will be dated before may. Anyhow Ive recently been to a tribunal to attempt to get my wages from repair line. Theres some interesting facts about Repair Line, I urge any employees to phone HMRC and see if they have any record of you working for them! So tax man nos nothing about you working for them, no wage slips or contract, doesnt sound exaxtly legal. Also quick visit to the companies house website, should find it on google quick enough. Repair Line, and Repair Line UK are the same company, but there are 2 business premises on the same industrial park. less than a mile apart.the staff seem to take it in turns being director.Moving on to their website, it recently changed, it used to have 2 pages, the first with lots of quotes saying how amazing repair line was, and about their award winning call centres. Think about this, lots of “quotes” but it doesnt refer to anyone. If you have an award winning call centre, who won awards from “what pc magazine” for example wouldnt you mention that??And as for the picture of the skyscraper LMFAO use google maps, type in WF10 4SB, have a look at the areal photo! Its a run down warehouse!And the 2nd page on their website was dedicated to its ex employees and calling them childish.