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MESH computers placed ‘on stop’ by outsourced on-site support partner

by Scott Bicheno on 10 April 2008, 16:12

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‘Buyer beware’

Repair-Line is a technical support specialist based in Castleford. It appears that it was taken on by MESH computers – probably the best known domestic system builder left in the UK – in May 2007 to provide on-site support to MESH customers.

According to a lengthy account of events since then on the home page of Repair-Line’s website, entitled: "MESH COMPUTERS THE TRUE SITUATION (Buyer Beware)", it's claimed that MESH has not delivered on the promises it made at the time and hence Repair-Line has placed it "on stop".

Among the allegations the account (which doesn’t appear to name its author) makes are:

- "At the time of signing the agreement Max Sherafati the owner and MD of Mesh Computers Ltd formally Mesh Computers PLC stated his sales were in excess of 50,000 units per year and 20% of those would be covered with 3 year warranty. The actual figure turned out to be around 20,000 and 5% with 3 year warranty. Mesh computers account was recently placed on stop by Repair-Line Ltd , all services to the manufacturer are being withheld due to non payment of account and failure to exchange parts buffer stock to allow repairs to continue."

- "Mesh has made a large number of people redundant in the last year and their sales have plummeted to probably what is an all time low."

- "The mesh offices are a now a big open space with a little gathering of people to one side, the staff and even desks have gone which is strange for company increasing its staff levels."

- "Max Sherafati took on Paul Kinsler and introduced him as the new MD, Paul however likes to be know as the acting MD or General Manager as it seems he is still operating his own Business called PK Media information on which can be found at http://www.pkmedia.co.uk."

- "Later it came to light that approximately 2000 warranties had not been declared by Mesh to Repair-Line ltd yet they had been expecting support to be provided."

- "In February 2008 Paul Kinsler representing Mesh at this time as Acting MD Management Consultant informed Repair-Line Ltd that Mesh could no longer afford to provide free on site warranty for even 1 year to its clients."

- "Clients could have a 1 week old computer and Mesh expected them to be repaired with old second hand faulty parts. This coupled with the poor payment history meant Repair-Line Ltd placed the Mesh account on stop for what would be the 5th time in less than 12 months"

- "Mesh it seems have a terrible reputation for payment throughout the trade so it is not only service providers they dislike paying and as a result they have set up another company formed by Max along Ray the purchase manager for Mesh and Max’s brother in law Mohsen, with this new partnership MRM International Ltd was formed in May 2007 with a registered office in Kent. This is now the purchasing arm used by Mesh."

At the time of writing there was no evidence of a response from MESH, or any of the people named in the account.

The statement concluded by saying: "Watch this space for further updates." We certainly will.

HEXUS.channel has contacted MESH Computers to offer them its HEXUS Right2Reply opportunity.

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I certainly feel sorry for RepairLine, but I hope that their statement isn't going to land them in the firing line of any mesh lawyers. Having worked for a start up and knowing how crap the situation can be when money disappears and a company goes belly up its a nightmare situation for all involved.

The home PC market has always been a dangerous and littered environment for companies who come and go, its very hard to take on the likes of dell and compete on price. Margins are tiny and when you find this profitability must be hard to come by (such as Petrol stations, how many litres to turn a profit!!!)

I have one year of mesh onsite warranty left with repair line so this is not good news. Mesh should sort it out.
If what RepairLine has written proves to be true, then Kudos and well done to them - it appears (still willing to wait for evidence) that Mesh have either been pulling a fast one, or at best fallen foul of limited communication methods.

This, to me, sounds like a death knell to Mesh.
Very poor. I'm quite disappointed, but given what just happened to Evesham, i won't be surprised if Mesh goes under…
Mesh are a nightmare, I won't go into the gory detail but I bought a HTPC from them last summer and it took 1 home deliveries,1 visit to their office, and visits direct to Asus to get a PC that wasn't broken & second hand.

I finally got a new machine and it's great but I had to go via a broken second hand unit, a partially working ex demo machine (came with the paperwork saying it had previously been sent to Computer Active magazine) and a machine missing half the accessories.

I was in constant communication with Asus who were great (but of little help for a couple of months), and the guys there obviously had hands tied in what they were allowed to say about Mesh, but I believe my case was pivotal in Asus no longer using Mesh as a supplier.

Mesh are cowboys pure and simple. Maybe they were good one day I don't know, but no longer.