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Retailer turns reseller

by Scott Bicheno on 29 February 2008, 18:17

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Bundles of joy

Central London PC retailer Yoyotech today launched the beta of a new website that has been ten months in the making.

At the centre of it is a unique ‘bundle configurator’ that owner CK thinks could be just as useful for independent PC retailers and consumer technology professionals as it is to consumers themselves.

“Transparency is the key”

“When the end-user walks into your store they often ask for bundle deals, now you can make your own bundle,” said CK. “There’s nobody in the marketplace offering this kind of flexibility on bundle deals.”

The online facility allows you to create a bundle of any number of the PC components and peripherals Yoyotech has on offer and see the bundle discount available immediately. While the facility will be available to everyone, CK thinks it will still be a useful tool for professionals.

“We’re not distinguishing between small system builders and consumers because a lot of retailers are already using our website to quote customers,” he said. “Because they get all the components from one source, they save money on delivery and sometimes distributors may not know what enthusiasts want to purchase.”


The thinking seems to be that indies, who may have specialised in service and repairs or digital home installs or whatever, can effectively outsource their bespoke PC capability to Yoyotech and use the new website to offer tailor-made system builds as and when that business arises.

The bundle configurator is one of a number of new features all geared towards providing choice and transparency to the end user. So while the PC configurator may look similar to the sort of thing you get from Dell, the access to detailed information on each component and live stock availability data should enable the user to make more informed choices.

“Transparency is the key,” said CK. “Everything is linked to live stock data, including when stock will arrive. I don’t think that taking pre-orders without an arrival date is the right thing to do.” Other planned features include incentivised customer reviews, a bit like you get on Amazon, discounts for volume purchases and an overclocking service.

Finally, CK invited readers to go to the beta themselves and try to break it. “This new site is the result of what our end-users have told us,” he said, and is keen for feedback, good and bad, from the HEXUS community. So if you fancy the job you can access the beta here.

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