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Notebook demand to remain strong in 2008

by Scott Bicheno on 14 January 2008, 10:13

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Desktop displacement

Technology market research specialist IDC has spoken to HEXUS.tv to predict continued strong demand for notebooks in the UK and globally this year.

In the UK, the three year upgrade cycle usually attributed to businesses also applies. Eszter Morvay, senior research analyst for IDC explained that in developed markets like the UK consumers are looking to either replace their desktops with notebooks or upgrade to higher perfomance models. On the flip side, however, she warned that sales would continue to be dominated by the big, international players.

A further driver of demand could be the eventual application of Intel's new Penryn processor technology to notebooks, which is expected to bring about significant savings in power consumption and thus extension of battery life.

To see the full HEXUS.tv interview click here

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It's all those bloomin' students. They need to cart a PC between home and uni… and they can't exactly take the family PC with them (even if the family desktop was just replaced with a family laptop).

One contributing factor, anyway.