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Disties sign up GPU board partners

by Scott Bicheno on 14 January 2008, 11:47

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Three letter acronym-fest

Unperturbed by talk of the credit crunch and a slowing global economy, UK disties Entatech and Realtime have both expanded their graphics product portfolio with the addition of PNY and BFG respectively to their stable of vendors.

Both board partners are very much in the Nvidia camp, but PNY also brings memory and flash storage products to the table. “PNY is unique within the graphics market for its diverse product portfolio, especially and unique partnership with Nvidia,” said Enta VP Jon Atherton. “With these additional memory offerings and a recognised retail brand we see this as another strong brand associated with Entatech.”

Gaming component specialist Realtime has made a logical move by signing up Nvidia board partner BFG, which has been getting a fair bit of press attention for its pre-overclocked 8800 cards. Julie Darrington, Realtime’s purchasing director, said “BFG offers an extensive range of top quality Nvidia graphics cards at very competitive prices and great customer service.”

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