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RadiumOne's Po.st Platform Marries Monetization with Sharing for Publishers

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Po.st Is The Only Sharing Platform Providing Publishers With Actionable Data and Ad Revenue Opportunities

LONDON, 1st December 2011 -- RadiumOne (http://www.radiumone.com), the first digital ad network targeting audiences' social connections in real-time with its proprietary ShareGraph(TM) technology, today announced the launch of Po.st, a new social sharing platform that enables consumers to easily share content via Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, email and multiple other popular online destinations. Over 1,000 sites reaching over 250 million monthly active unique users are already leveraging Po.st, including Weather Underground, eBaumsWorld and Dictionary.com, among others.  Po.st is the only social sharing platform that provides publishers with both new revenue opportunities and free comprehensive analytics tools designed to drive higher engagement and lower customer acquisition costs.

Po.st's benefits include:

  • More Revenue. Publishers can tap into RadiumOne's client list of Fortune 500 advertisers to fill their remnant inventory at rates far higher than they can source from exchanges.
  • New Revenue Source. Po.st can show a display ad after a user has shared content. Publishers gain impressions and keep 100% of this ad revenue.
  • Audience Targeting Data. Publishers can leverage Po.st to build segments for use within their own ad serving systems or on ad exchanges, thereby increasing the value of their site inventory. Larger publishers can even have access to additional tools allowing Po.st to serve as their data management platform.
  • Improved User Experience. Using Po.st, publishers can see what, how, and with whom their users are sharing, enabling them to tailor their content or marketing to attract new viewers.

"With Po.st, we spent the last six months creating a ground-breaking product that brings publishers more significant value from the sharing on their sites," said Gurbaksh Chahal, Founder and CEO, RadiumOne. "Publishers large and small are already using Po.st, and we're confident that with our current demand we'll quickly achieve our goal of reaching one billion unique users globally in 2012."

"Weather Underground understands the importance of social sharing, especially because weather is the most discussed and shared topic on a global basis," said Richard Lowden, Vice President of Sales at Weather Underground. "Using Po.st drives sharing on our site, and we learn more about how and where our visitors share our content, all while generating new revenue streams."

Publishers can get the code for free and integrate Po.st in less than 10 minutes. For more information about Po.st, please visit www.po.st .

About RadiumOne, Inc.

RadiumOne is the first ad network that enables advertisers to target the social consumer in real-time across the Open Web and mobile Internet. Its patent-pending ShareGraph(TM) technology meshes traditional targeting technologies with social sharing connections to achieve highly scalable engagement and audience targeting. Based in San Francisco, with offices across the US, the UK and Europe, RadiumOne was founded by online advertising pioneer Gurbaksh Chahal in 2009.

To learn more, visit http://www.radiumone.com/.