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Gateway teams with VMware to offer its channel the best virtualization solutions available on the market!

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Press release

Manno, 11 January 2011 - Gateway is proud to announce a new key partnership with VMware, the industry leader for virtualization solutions. This combination will provide the leading virtualization technology solutions from VMware to Gateway server and storage customers.

Today SMB, mid-sized and enterprise businesses need to consider how IT can help the business grow and compete more efficiently over time. Virtualization is becoming a core business strategy from desktop to data center. Virtualization reduces the cost and complexity of technology, frees up time to make businesses more responsive, improves energy efficiency and reduce downtime risks.

Gateway just enhanced its product portfolio with the full offer of VMware server and client virtualization solutions including: VMware vSphereTM virtualization platform coupled with VMware vCloud Director, VMware vCenter Server and VMware View desktop virtualization families.

Testing and certification has already been completed for all the mainstream servers: tower, rack, blade and multi-node.

Virtualization increases effective utilization of the overall resources of a system. Applications and infrastructure services currently running on dedicated servers can be consolidated on fewer, highly scalable, highly reliable enterprise-class servers, such as the Gateway server family. Multiple configurations based on different operating systems can co-exist on one dedicated hardware infrastructure. Server utilization is improved, which boosts Return On Investment (ROI).

Gateway servers with VMware vSphereTM virtualization platform, provide comprehensive hardware and software for your virtualized environment to accommodate the complete spectrum of SMB, mid-sized and enterprise businesses. Customers will be able to:

  • Reduce IT costs and improve flexibility with server consolidation
  • Decrease downtime and improve reliability with business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Run fewer servers and dynamically power down unused servers - create a green data center

Gateway perfect solution to simplify IT operations: GR585 F1 and GS2040

With a single server and storage solution Gateway ensures the business continuity of businesses.

The GR585 F1 is the top performance model in Gateway rack server range. It is a quad socket 2U server for space-conscious users who demand superior performance and utmost expansion capability. Offering leading performance with up to 12 core processing power, latest DDR3 technology, and comprehensive management features, Gateway GR585 F1 delivers optimized rack server solution in server consolidation, virtualization, and enterprise environment applications.

The high power computing of the GR585 F1 is the base in order to build efficient virtualization projects. Furthermore, the affordable cost of the new AMD platform helps businesses to reduce the initial investment. In this way, SMBs can reach their goals servicing their customers and making a profit with minimal costs.

Gateway (SAN) solution GS2040 is an easy to use, highly reliable and cost effective storage system designed for small and mid-sized business and ideal for server virtualization environments.

With the possibility of increasing its capacity to 120TB, it can meet data storage growth of any business, ensuring an excellent protection of your investment. The GS2040 is build with no single point of failure, to minimize disruption and risk and ensure that business can rely on 99.999 percent data availability.

Gateway, thanks to VMware vSphereTM platform sold together with its servers and storages, is able to provide its customer the best virtualization platform available in the market that guarantees:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of implementation and management
  • High Performance
  • Market leadership
  • Lowest cost of ownership