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AMD Announces Strong Infrastructure and Channel Support for Upcoming AMD Opteron 6000 Series Platform


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Press release

Numerous "Magny-Cours" processor-based motherboards and server platforms are ready for Q1 launch

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -3/17/2010 

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced a robust lineup of forthcoming motherboard and channel products for the soon-to-be available AMD OpteronTM 6000 Series platform.  This platform is based on the new AMD Opteron 6100 Series processor (code-named "Magny-Cours") and the AMD SR5690 chipset and will bring the world's first 8- and 12-core x86 processors to the market.

"Our industry partners are ready to showcase the advantages of AMD's new Direct Connect Architecture 2.0," said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server and Embedded Divisions, AMD.  "The additional performance enabled with more cores, more memory channels and more features is a value their customers are eager to put to work."

Infrastructure Partners

"Based on the AMD SR5690/SP5100 chipset, the ASUS KGPE-D16 utilizes AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors to enable efficient performance to handle massive real-world workloads," said Tom Lin, general manager, ASUS Server Business Unit.  "The KGPE-D16 serverboard supports extreme performance typical in enterprises or institutions with high-performance computing demands and web-facing servers which reach critical processing levels when internet traffic surges. We are pleased that the AMD OpteronTM 6000 Series platform provides the muscle to handle these situations."

"Our strength is in the ability to provide vast combinations of features, performance and power for the dynamic server market," said Etay Lee, general manager, Network & Communication Business Unit, Gigabyte. "With the ability to offer 8- or 12-cores on a stable, high density, multi-node server platform, we are able to address a wide range of customer needs and are scheduled to begin shipping to those customers this month."

"MSI has developed the new 8- and 12-core regular server platform solutions for enterprise environments that demand high density and expandability," said Norman Tsai, vice president, Enterprise Platform R&D Division, MSI. "These customers' workloads also require reliability, availability and security features that the new AMD Opteron 6100 Series processor brings to this new product line."  

"TYAN continues to create and expand our innovative product line by adopting the latest AMD technology," said Albert Mu, vice president, Enterprise Business Unit, MiTAC International Corporation.  "The new TYAN G34-based products using the AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors and AMD chipsets will provide TYAN's customers with high performance and advanced power efficiency at a highly competitive price."

"As a leading provider of AMD-based servers and motherboards, Supermicro is accelerating its current momentum in today's server market with the launch of these exciting new 8- and 12-core processors," said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro.  "Our customers understand value, and we are enabling superior performance-per-watt, performance-per dollar, compute density, and platinum level efficiency across our extensive blade and rackmount lineup of highly customizable Building Block Solutions based on AMD's new highly flexible, scalable and balanced platform."

Channel System Providers

AMD's system builder partners provide highly customized solutions for small and medium businesses, large enterprises and world-class research institutions.  The following partners are among those taking advantage of the unique value offered by the new AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform and will be offering next generation 8- and 12-core systems in the coming weeks.