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COMPUTEX 2009: ARM CEO Warren East

by Scott Bicheno on 9 June 2009, 13:46

Tags: ARM

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The mobile Internet

ARM licenses the designs that go into most of the chips you find in a mobile phone. Until recently the phone and PC markets were kept nice and separate, but the advent of the mobile Internet has set the ARM ecosystem and the PC sector on a collision course.

This year is considered to be ‘year 1' for ARM, with respect to the mobile Internet and CEO Warren East made the trip over to Computex in Taiwan in order to make a keynote on that very subject.

HEXUS managed to get some time with East after his speech and he confirmed that ARM's ambitions encompass more than the mobile phone market.

What form the device we use to access the mobile Internet in future will take remains unresolved, and it's not ARM's job to decide that, but it's clear that ARM intends to provide the technology that makes it tick.


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