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The Mad Catz R.A.T.1 mouse intentionally comes apart


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Three-piece mouse can be used as a portable pointer and you can 3D print your own palm rest.

Mad Catz's range of R.A.T. gaming mice are full of weird and wonderful designs, and that certainly holds true for the latest incarnation, the R.A.T.1.

Aiming for the mainstream end of the market, this £25 rodent is an entry-level device touting an ambidextrous design, a Pixart 3,500 optical sensor, and a couple of unexpected tricks. Making use of a modular, three-piece design, R.A.T.1 is designed to come apart so that the 'Sensor Module' can be used as a small travel-ready mouse, and CAD files are also provided for the palm rest, allowing users to 3D print their own.

Want a closer look? Check out the above video overview from Mad Catz's very own Alex 'Big Boy' Verrey.

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I've got a 3d printer, I will be getting this mouse
good for printed xD, i prefered standard mouse that is bad is big is slowly to move