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Club3D royalAce and royalKing cooling coming to top Radeons


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Manufacturer forecasts an end to supply shortages and teases a dual-GPU Hawaii card.

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Woah woah woah - how did you guys miss headlining that throw-away line at the end?

"there will also launch a dual-gpu version of the hawaii card…"

Wondered if he misspoke or if is actually going to be the case. Given the difference between the 7970 (the basis for the 7990) and the 290X's rated TDP of 40W (250W vs 290W), I wondered how hard it would be to do it, selecting low leakage parts and tweaking clocks? After all, the 7990 was rated for 375W not 500W like simple addition would lead you to believe. Also wonder what kinda cooler/power solution they will put on the R9 290Xx2/295X? (Hell, they may as well roll out the R11 series so we can have the advertising line - ‘This card goes up to 11’) :P

We already had monstrous triple slot coolers, water cooled GPUs and now are getting 3 PCI-E power connector cards on the high end, what harm could a little more madness do? :mrgreen:
yeh we all know a dual GPU is coming soon but whats this crap about supply shortage, stores here are full of them and the custom coolers are all working well. so whats the big deal, the dual GPU is going to murder the 780ti and we may see a dual Nvidia but it won't scale as well. Tell me somthing new !
Dual 290X card!? Man the ear defenders!