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Zalman shows off its most extreme CPU cooler


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Triple-fan CNPS12X shown off ahead of June availability.

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Sweet jesus! 1KG?

Does the cost of the cooler include insurance for your motherboard by any chance?! They must surely create or offer some sort of case support/suspension bracket to take the weight and stress off your board. Even the guy having the interview wasn't exactly beaming with confidence!

Bad Zalman! Put the aluminum pie down and start shedding some weight!
The Thermalright IFX-14, which i have, weighs over 900 grams and it hasn't been an issue for the last 3 years. I haven't noticed any board warping etc…
Thats slightly different. We are talkin all the weight on one side. Your thermalright is actually 790g (according to their site) on the front side and 150 on the rear, but you have some counterweight by using the rear plate.

If you arent using the rear plate then you are still 200g lighter…
Sorry, i should have been more specific. It doesn't have the secondary heatsink attached due to case limitations and I have 2 120mm fans mounted on it.

Surely that should bring the weight to at least 1000g?
that could probably push it up enough yeah.

you say this…if your motherboard snaps tonight out of cruel irony - I had nothing to do with it! :D