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Exclusive preview: Antec P280 chassis


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An early look at the first chassis from the Performance One 200 series.

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about time, taken them too long unfortunately they have been left in the dust by corsair, fractal and NZXT in this style chassis.
Looks very promising and if those prices translate to the UK then it could be a massive winner for Antec.:rockon:
Absolutely about time. XL-ATX support is good to see, hopefully the quiet fans live up to the billing - would be very frustrating if they've gone to all that effort to silence the mounts but the fans still sound like a jet engine!

Quadruple fan arrangement in the front is a nice idea as well, should keep the hard drives cool if you're looking to pack it which was always touch and go on the P180.

Could be a real competitor this one I reckon, for me it depends how it prices up against the Silverstone offerings when it finally hits UK.
Strange the door did not look lockable but the power button was behind it also the reset is right at the hinge side so a pain to get at, how annoying. Nice the larger motherboard support however no comments about the maximum length of graphics card, as you cannot remove a section of the 3 1/2 bays if it does not fit it will not fit, the bottom mount 3 1/2 bays can't support 2“ bay convertors… WHY! Why not provide extra screw holes for mounting a 2” in the 3 1/2 bay.