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Geek Eye for the n00b Guy - Ep2


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In the second episode of our new series, Nick goes through the components he's chosen for a top end media system build.

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it looks like the 5570 to me, not the 5770 as you said in the audio ;)
or is this your n00bieness showing through.

is there a TV card going in, to make it into a PVR?
We have some very cool stuff planned… that's why it's a pretty uber-set up to begin with. :)
Now, unless you're not installing an optical drive, those DIMMs are gonna be a problem. The optical rests right above the DIMM slots, preventing the usage of large heatsinks.

Also, why on earth are you guys using an i7 870 for this build? An i3 530 would do nicely for any htpc, as would an Athlon II X2 240 w/ 785G mainboard.

Finally, the Maximus III GENE… nice mainboard, but absolutely not the one I would pick for this chassis. The reason? Look at those sata ports. They can only be accessed from the side of the board. Anyone who has ever layed their hands on the MicroFusion knows that there is no space around the mainboard to get to those sata ports. You'll want a mainboard that has the sata ports pointing upward.
As above, the only thing HTPC was the 5570 - surely you guys had more plausible stuff hanging around ?
I Agree, graphics card aside, and with a different choice of chassis, you have a high end gaming rig there.

What did you do, “Hi Intel/Asus/Kingston, we are doing a media centre build, give us your best shiny stuff”…

Its a media centre build ffs, wheres the power saving processor, as mention above, the i5 would easily play 1080 content, with out the need for an additional card.