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Geek Eye for the n00b Guy - Ep1


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If you've ever wondered how to build a PC, this is the show for you... And yes, Nick is fully expecting a mass of heckling from you PC experts...

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Fans of Queer Eye, guys?
So, if Antec sent you all of that lot for free, are you feeling generous enough to pass any of it on to your loyal followers who could *really* do with the PSU from that NSK1380 to upgrade their aging HTPC…? ;)
my panda senses are tingling..

they sense a massive summer chasis giveaway competition…

they also sense a competition to win the complete system (unless your auctioning it off like those other 2 antec cases recently)

edit: the more likely scenario is that there'll be reviews of all the cases popping up over the next few weeks/month or 2 :)
If Antec are that generous could they send me some of the SATA power cables that go with the modular Neopower 430 I have here…
I'd quite like to see Nick's fan overclocking ;)