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Benchtec UK World Record attempt part 2 - OC on air


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Using the goodies we talked about in the last show, Paul Watkinson from BenchTec UK goes for a modest overclock of his i7 chip on just air...

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good stuff, can't wait for the extreme stuff :geek:

great performance at stock though :o
yeah with a stock cooler managing to get a 25% overclock is pretty good :)
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
With the new core i7, we will see growing performance as it is still very early to say what this new setup is capable off, even though i am in the world of extreme overclocking there is still very much to learn regarding overclocking and tweaking this new setup so there should be a bit more to come from it all yet and as the Bios mature we will truly see some great world records coming from the new core i7 system.

All i can say though is that the new system from Intel has blown me away again with the performance it putts out, in some applications it is still not as fast as the Intel Skulltrail setup, but taking into account the skulltrail has 8 full core rather than the four cores and four HT cores that the new i7 has it is not that far away and the memory performance of hitting over 20Gbs is just outstanding.