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HEXUS Dragon Tour 2007 :: Abit of what you fancy - inside the mainboard maker's HQ !


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Say 'BP6' to a group of tech-heads and the men instantly separate from the boys. Abit has been producing enthusiast technology since memory was measured in KB. Enjoy this hyperspeed tour of their HQ & labs...

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I remember the BP6 very well - it saved my last company a small fortune when they needed to test software on an SMP rig; it was something like “spend £2000 on an Intel approved SMP board and CPUs or spend £500 on a BP6 and a couple of Celerons. Oh, and then clock the nuts off ‘em”. Abit FTW! And I still love the KN8-SLI I’m running.
I've always had a bit of a thing for Abit motherboards myself even before ever being in the industry and of course working for Scan.

They might not be the first to the market with a release of the board, but this is usually offset as the Abit motherboards are generally better overall and I've never had any issues with any Abit boards like I have with the other brand I've used.

I've had Abit mobo's for years in various systems and my current system board is the only one I've ever had from a manufacturer other than Abit and I regretted it a bit after a month of issues.