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HEXUS - CES 2008 :: Fire-proof hard drives that can take 1,550 degrees!?!?


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SentrySafe is a company that produces water/fire-proof hard drive enclosures for $339 that can take 1,550 degree heat (C/F?) and spend longer in a hot bath than Nick with a scented candle...

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Sounds like a destructive testing oppotunity….
I am SERIOUSLY hoping that they have ‘tried this at home’ before making such a claim in front of Nick and the HEXUS.tv cameras :surprised:
hilarious video, perhaps next time she could learn her lines for interviews lol…

edit: My bad, she just stares alot! Looks like shes reading from something for most of it.
'SentrySafe' …mmm gotta get me one o' those! :)

“ooh, you're embarrassing me something terrible!…” lol you bad boy (again) Nicholas! :mrgreen: :hexlub:
1550 Fahrenheit … about 840C. She actually says “for half an hour up to 1550 degrees”. I'm not sure what happens after that!