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HEXUS - CES 2008 :: Nick knows innovation when he sees it!


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With the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow promising a bright future (even with an uncertain global economic situation), INNOVATION is all important. Watch as Nick tells you what's HOT for 2008/9...

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The ultra-cool-impact-everyone's-life stuff is good…

…but there also seemed to be products on show that will augment the lives of less fortunate people as well…

…technology r0cks :)
Just got around to watching this.

Any of you guys remember the model number of that double DIN JVC head unit?

Can't find anything on the US or UK JVC sites

Thanks :)
Just checked with Nick - no - sorry :(
I've dug out the JVC press kit from CES, gimme five mins to scan through it and I'll see what's there.

EDIT: I've mailed JVC PR as there's nowt on the disk that's relevant.
Thanks Nick

Part of me doesn't want to know, because if it is enough of an upgrade from the AVX800 (and the DAB and BlueTooth devices are compatible) I probably won't be able to resist it :)