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Dan Reeves from Antec takes the audience inside the company's latest, smaller addition to its hugely popular Fusion range of Media Center PC chassis...

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Many chassis look gorgeous on the outside - and that is enough for a lot of (Joe-average-non-HEXUS-reading) punters to make their cash decision on…

…but, in this programme, Dan Reeves from Antec takes the lid off one of the specialist's latest designs and explains some of the internal logic that makes their chassis hugely popular with both enthusiasts and regular folk
Any news on pricing/availability of this case? Looks like it would be very nice to use for HTPC system coupled with a Mini-ITX board.
We're expecting more info very soon - will keep you posted !
Looks great for an HTPC (low power) system.

Personally, I prefer the old model with 120mm fans but I can see the need for the smaller ones too.

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