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HEXUS - CeBIT 2007 :: ATi 'Whiteout' - Powered by ATI R600


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ATi Whiteout... a video of the fantastic new 'Ruby' technology demo which AMD is showcasing the power and technology of its much anticipated next-gen flagship graphics accelerator 'R600'.<br> <br> Watch it and weep NV fan-bois... the HD version is utterly awesome and even more so when seen rendered in real-time!<br> <br> Highlights to us are the highly realistic textures on Ruby's leather jump-suit, the motion-blur and other cinematic effects plus the final, massively detailed frame of everyone's favourite red-head smiling wryly at the camera.<br> <br> Whilst woefully late, the ATi 'R600' looks like it could well be worth the wait and we can only imagine how cool the ATi Whiteout demo would look on an R600 CrossFire rig at even higher resolutions!<br> <br>

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Looks like there was a few points where it lagged alittle while playing back..

Lets see it on a single 8800GTX and a SLI 8800GTX setup and compare the framerates :)
Looks very nice, but like simon says it would be good to test them against each other.

I'm very happy with my 8800GTS card and fully expect it to handle games for the next couple of years.
The lag could be from the way it was encoded. But we can't really say too much about that…
I thought 3dmark 06 DeepFreeze more impressive than that on first watch. The lips were nice and moist at the end but maybe that is just because I'm a bloke, the rest was ok but not mind blowing.


Not mind blowing, but damn good. Be more impressive if the R600 was actually available to buy before 2010 :P