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Brick Wars demo


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Smash your opponent's Lego brick castle with your cannon, all powered by ATi's Stream GPU physics acceleration. Except that it's just a demo. We hope it becomes a real game someday!

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Waste of time?
I like this physics stuff, interests me loads. Cant wait until this kind of physics hits FPS and so on. Crumbling towers onto people etc. Imagine CTF-Face in Unreal with this level of physics in the towers. :D

Guess it wont run on my lil athlon X2? :P
If this is released as a demo, im gonna be hooked. Ill spend days making my Castle.

Looks good i think. Reminds me of the HL2 Modification “Source Forts” oh and something called… Lego.
I don't get it. There doesn't seem to be a ‘point’ to it, other than to create a castle, which you can then destroy.
its a tech demo, which shows off the comps ability to show realistic physics on hundreds or thousands of seperate objects… that is the REAL point. alternatively its vertual lego that you can blow apart when your done!