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Review: Corsair DOMINATOR DDR3-1,600 C8: bandwidth for Core i7

by Tarinder Sandhu on 25 December 2008, 05:00 3.55

Tags: DOMINATOR DDR3-1,600 CL8 6GB, Corsair

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In 2009, DDR3 will move from being seen as enthusiast-only memory to viewed as a necessity in decent mainstream boxes. It will happen due to proliferation of Intel Core i7 sales, particularly the 920 part, and AMD's transition over to a DDR3-compatible memory-controller for select Phenom II processors.

DDR2 will still make up the bulk of sales, we imagine, but mid-priced systems, such as Dell's Studio XPS, will keep DDR3 firmly in the mind of the consumer.

Enthusiast-orientated memory manufacturers are keen to espouse the benefits of DDR3, especially with respect to tri-channel packs for Core i7, and Corsair is no different in that regard.

Listing no less than eight kits suitable for some desktop Nehalem love, ranging from 1,333MHz packs to 1,866MHz with funky AIRFLOW cooling, we're taking a look at the relatively high-end TR3X6G1600C8D - a 6GB pack (three 2GB modules) that promises low latencies and decent performance.