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Review: Tt eSports Verto

by Ryan Martin on 4 March 2015, 16:00

Tags: Tt eSPORTS

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Performance and summary

The Verto makes use of reasonably large 40mm neodymium magnet drivers in a stereo channel configuration. Tt eSports claims the audio of the Verto delivers 'overall balanced sound' with 'a tinge of bass emphasis'. In testing we found the Verto to fall short of such a claim in terms of the overall audio experience.

The Tt eSports Verto gaming headset lacks clarity in the bass tones with the sound coming across as muddy and without definition. Moving up into the mid-range brings no respite with a similarly anemic experience - the mid-range is closed, lacking warmth or a wide representation of sound. The highs do deliver better clarity and detail but cannot fully recover the listening experience.

In terms of gaming performance the Verto doesn't deliver an adequate soundstage - that is the perceived 2D/3D audio experience - so it is difficult to ascertain the spatial location of audio in gaming scenarios. This lack of soundstage carries over to music where instrumental separation needs significant improvement and, combined with the muddy bass and constricted mid-range, leaves plenty to be desired.

The listening experience isn't helped by the lack of comfort while wearing the Verto, either. The thin earcups result in the user's ears directly touching the internal speakers on each side which can cause notable discomfort during prolonged wear. The headband and earcups would both benefit immensely from thicker padding.

A surprisingly positive aspect of the Verto is its built-in microphone which delivers a very clear VOIP experience through a combination of excellent noise cancellation and clear voice detection. For the price range this is one of the best microphones available providing clear and robust recordings that would be suitable for any form of team chat or casual live-streaming.


The Tt eSports Verto has a recommended retail price of $80, which translates to approximately £65 for UK buyers. At this price point the Verto faces stiff competition from big-name headsets such as the Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro, the Razer Kraken Pro and the SteelSeries Siberia v2.

Regardless of the competition the Tt eSports Verto is a gaming headset that needs to deliver more audio quality to catch the attention of a wider audience. Some may argue that most gamers aren't audiophiles and that the audio is good enough but such a line of reasoning paves the way for average product releases to become acceptable.

The Verto, as a portable headset for taking to LAN parties and gaming events, has a lot of potential to be a class-leading and innovative product. Unfortunately, oversights in the product's design and a shortage of audio quality mean the Verto may fail to inspire among gamers who appreciate rich audio.

The Good
The Bad

Strong mic performance
Detachable audio cables
Fold flat design

Lacklustre audio quality
Uncomfortable to wear

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