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Review: ROCCAT Alumic - Double-Sided Gaming Mousepad

by Steven Williamson on 16 May 2011, 11:47 4.5

Tags: Roccat

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The ROCCAT Alumic double-sided mousepad perches impressively at the top of ROCCAT’s comprehensive mousepad range, which includes the likes of the ROCCAT Sense and ROCCAT Sota. ROCCAT’s mousepads are designed with gaming in mind, seeking to offer optimal control and comfort for experienced gamers and those who enjoy long nights locked into battlefield skirmishes and intense RTS sessions. So, how does the ROCCAT Alumic fare?

The ROCCAT Alumic is an eye-catching mousepad. On one side it’s decked out in a stylish black and glacier blue design showing the head of a panther (ROCCAT’s logo) with mouth ajar and fangs showing. Flip it over and the design is a bit more subtle with a silver-outline of a panther’s head on a matt-black background. ROCCAT’s panther logo always comes across as quite an aggressive symbol, perhaps indicating the mind-set of the type of gamer who’s likely to buy the Alumic. And this growling beast stands out on your playing surface just as much as a cool back-lit keyboard or a sexy gaming mouse, but more importantly it also has the potential to play an important part in your gaming sessions.

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The two different designs on either side of the pad aren’t just for aesthetic reasons. The Alumic actually has two functions. The glazier blue side is optimised for speed. Run your finger across it and it feels silky smooth. The other side is bevelled and optimised for control. To the average gamer, the difference between the two may be lost, but for those who know mousepads, game regularly, or prefer to use different pads depending on the game they’re playing, subtle differences can make all of the difference. In the field of eSports, these differences are all the more important.

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