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Review: Asus PQ321Q: 4K Gaming Tried and Tested

by Tarinder Sandhu on 17 July 2013, 12:00


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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Home page: callofduty.com | Publisher: Treyarch | Developer: Activision

The billion-dollar franchise keeps on rolling with Black Ops II. The best of the Call of Duty bunch, we test with the image quality turned all the way up.

Taking the full-HD numbers from a previous review for comparison, the GTX 780 OC matches the Titan at 2,560x1,600 once 8x MSAA is, somewhat pointlessly, applied. The Titan's greater number of cores count for more at 4K, it seems, and the lead over the Asus card is reasonable. AMD's much cheaper HD 7970 GHz puts up a good showing.

Examining the per-second framerates shows there isn't a whole lot between the trio, and there are no off-the-cliff falls for the cards equipped with a 3GB framebuffer. According the logging from GPU-Z, the maximum amount of memory used is 1,576MB - or handily inside the remit of GTX 780 or HD 7970 GHz.