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Review: iiyama G-Master GB2770QSU Red Eagle

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 June 2021, 14:01

Tags: Iiyama

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We recently took a look at an iiyama 27in monitor under the Red Eagle gaming brand. The £250 G-Master GB2770HSU offers a FHD resolution allied to FreeSync Premium support over DisplayPort at up to 165Hz and HDMI at 144Hz.

Gamers looking for the next step up may well find the newer GB2770QSU of more interest. Keeping to the 27in panel size and 165Hz variable refresh rate over DisplayPort, iiyama improves upon the previously reviewed screen by opting for a higher QHD (2560x1440) resolution alongside a bump in FreeSync support to Pro levels, meaning better HDR credentials through increased brightness.

The design is inoffensive and eschews perceived gamer accoutrements such as RGB lighting or advanced OSDs. Six buttons offer simple control over the screen's functions - we'd still prefer a rear-mounted joystick - and it's good to see FreeSync Premium Pro is activated out of the box.

Simplicity is key for the Red Eagle range, characterised by a solid stand attaching via one captive screw. Providing firm foundations that limit vibrations, be aware you need 26cm of desk depth and 48cm width to accommodate the three-pronged base.

There's nothing untoward in display orientation, either, as 18° of upward tilt and 3° downward is usual. 130mm of height adjustment enables the screen to be put into portrait mode, and iiyama's matte finish does an excellent job of repelling fingerprints. We'd describe the design as functional rather than frivolous.

Following normal procedure these days, the power supply is integrated into the back. A couple of upward-firing speakers, rated at 2W apiece, deliver rudimentary audio that's understandably lacking in heft and quality. This isn't viewed as a problem as most gamers tend to don headsets. A small clip promotes clean routing of cables.

iiyama keeps it simple in terms of I/O. DisplayPort is the preferred medium as it possesses a higher FreeSync Premium Pro refresh rate of 165Hz, compared to 144Hz over HDMI. A two-port USB 3 hub is thoughtful but we'd prefer to see four. Rounding it off, a 3.5mm jack is present for headphone duties.

The GB2770QSU offers a pleasingly neutral image at the QHD resolution that, in our opinion, is the perfect companion to a 27in screen. Windows desktop scaling works just fine at 100 per cent and the IPS panel offers rich, even colours eminently suitable for everyday work.

But that's not what you're considering this screen for, currently on sale for £300. The resolution is a fine fit for a powerful AMD graphics card whose framerate wheelhouse aligns well with 40-165Hz supported range, or even a midrange one with FSR active. This display will also run Nvidia cards with variable-framerate technology, albeit not explicitly G-Sync approved.

A Radeon RX 6800 typically holds between 70-130fps in leading titles when image quality is turned all the way up to QHD levels, and the screen succeeds in delivering a completely tear- or jerk-free experience. iiyama's 0.5ms monitor response time is also an improvement over the FHD panel we saw recently, affording the panel more time to draw additional frames without undue ghosting.

The extra brightness over the FHD panel also helps the images pop more, and running the monitors side by side leaves little doubt - we'd take this one every day of the week.

Positioning is key for this screen. There are competitors offering 240Hz but at much higher prices, others offering a little more specification for an extra £100, so we feel as if iiyama gets the value argument just about right in this world of constraint.

Pregnant with promise, let's now see how it holds up in our regular tests before we pass final judgement.