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Google to power IoT devices with 'Brillo' operating system

by Mark Tyson on 22 May 2015, 12:01

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According to insiders Google is working on an operating system targeting Internet of Things (IoT) device deployment. As you might expect, the new OS is based upon Android, however it is much more compact and will require only 32MB of RAM as a minimum.

With many other big hitting companies developing both hardware and software for the impending IoT device revolution, predicted to be invading to our homes in the coming years, it isn't a surprise to hear Google is working on an IoT OS. A Gartner estimate of IoT device adoption suggests that there will be 26 billion IoT devices in use by 2020.

The IoT will connect those everyday home electronics devices and white goods to the internet to expand their usefulness and functionality. We are starting to see more and more connected home entertainment devices, kitchen gadgets and smart home automation. These devices all need to talk to some platform or other to function so various companies have been developing platforms and operating systems for IoT devices hoping to set a standard – as its widely seen as the 'next big thing'.

According to sources speaking to The Information , Google is developing Brillo to give devices the basic OS and communications they require to function effectively with the IoT. Brillo might be used for seamless communication with nearby devices such as your smartphone, tablet or so on. A group linked to the Android development team is said to be working on Brillo and it is said to have a small footprint, perhaps requiring only 32MB or 64MB of RAM to be embedded in any IoT device. With Android being such a popular platform Google's Brillo could build upon it so we might see 'Brillio compatible' stickers on IoT devices, for example.

Other organisations planning to set up IoT standards platforms include the Open Interconnect Consortium, backed by the likes of Samsung, Intel, HP and Cisco and the AllSeen Alliance, backed by Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sony and LG.

If the Brillo OS information is correct we might well see the first official information regarding the platform and its capabilities at Google I/O 2015 next week, an event which includes some IoT themed talks and presentations.

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They must have scoured their brains for that name (sorry.)
“Only” 32MB :p

The “Internet of Bigger Things” eh?
So when will the BrilloPad launch??

I wonder if it's a pun on how they are going to scrub through the data that passes through it…
I'm sure some of you are expecting it, so here it is …. an IoT device powered by anything Google is about as welcome to me as a dose of the clap. On seconds thoughts, I'd rather have the clap.