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ARM acquires Dutch IoT security software firm Offspark

by Mark Tyson on 9 February 2015, 13:20

Tags: ARM

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ARM has announced the acquisition of Dutch company Offspark, a leading IoT security software firm, reports TechWeekEurope. The deal flags up the importance of security in the IoT and looks to help developers design future IoT products with advanced communication security and software cryptography using the ARM mbed platform.

Specialising in communications security, Offspark's PolarSSL, an IoT embedded Transport Layer Security (TLS) solution, is already deployed in a wide range of devices including sensors, communication modules, and smartphones. ARM said that technology will form the core of its ARM mbed communication security and software cryptography strategy, and be rebranded as ARM mbed TLS. Despite this business acquisition the software will remain open source and be made available to developers for commercial use.

"We have always said that security must be the foundation of any IoT system and the acquisition of Offspark is evidence of us making that happen," said Krisztian Flautner, general manager, IoT business, ARM. "PolarSSL technology is already deployed by the leading IoT players. The fact that those same companies also utilize ARM Cortex® processor and software technologies means we are now able to provide a complete bedrock solution for the industry to innovate from."

Available for standalone use and as part of the mbed OS, ARM mbed TLS will not only target embedded devices, but will also develop to include features for the non-embedded space too. The mbed OS is set for release toward the end of 2015 under an Apache 2.0 license that will include mbed TLS, Thread and other key technologies. The terms of the ARM - Offspark business deal were not disclosed.

"ARM is undeniably the front-runner in the embedded world and combining with them is the perfect way of scaling our business," said Paul Bakker, CEO, Offspark. "Security is the most fundamental aspect in ensuring people trust IoT technology and that is only possible with a truly tailored solution. Together, ARM and Offspark can provide security to the edge of any system and we look forward to working with our partners to help them deliver some exciting new projects."

Intel is also pushing not only its hardware but new software to try and gain a foothold to become the dominant IoT industry vertical player. To strengthen its IoT grasp, last week Chipzilla acquired Lantiq for its expertise in home and intelligent network IoT connectivity.

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