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Windows 10: 'The next chapter' event set for 21 January 2015

by Mark Tyson on 12 December 2014, 10:05

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Microsoft will bring out all its big guns to take part in a Windows 10: 'The next chapter' event, set for 21 January 2015. The event will take place at the Microsoft Redmond campus and CEO Satya Nadella will be on stage supporting Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Phil Spencer who will talk about the Windows 10 consumer experience.

Details about what will be discussed or demonstrated at the event are scarce on the official Windows blog. However ZDNet's Mary J Foley has some insider information about the day's agenda. She says that we are likely to see the first combined Windows Phone-Windows RT Windows 10 mobile SKU revealed. This is software that brings together Intel and ARM based tablets and Windows Phones, exclusively running the modern UI style of Windows apps.

At the same time a January Technical Preview (JTP) of Windows 10 is expected to become available to Windows Insider Program members. This version of the next Windows OS is supposed to include Continuum for 2-in-1 device mode switching and could also be the first official Cortana integrated build. We expect a Consumer Preview for Windows 10 release to be at least announced too. Other things we could see or hear about are DirectX 12 and more Xbox One developments, thanks to Phil Spencer's headlined presence.

As we heard earlier in the week Windows 10 is expected to be officially released in 'fall'. We should also hear at least a few more details about the controversial Windows monetisation plans. ZDNet says that Microsoft will likely RTM all of its Windows 10 SKUs simultaneously - the desktop, tablet, phone and server versions of the OS. That would be a symbolic demonstration that it is a unified OS, if nothing else.

For non-attendees there will be a live webcast set up so you can soak up the latest Windows 10 consumer information as it is released. Information about how and where to watch the streams will be revealed nearer to the date.

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All very interesting, I'm sure, but it's mainly just feeding the hype machine, keeping the pre-marketing going. That's all that's been going on so far, but personally, until we get clear and definite decisions on issues, like how the interface choice (if any) exists, and EXACTLY what ‘monetising’ means, then all the hoopla is merely speculation. If MS were more prone to adapting to feedback from user reception, then fine. But in the past, they've ignored most of it, like the MUI backlash, and bulled (and bullied) ahead anyway, only accepting months later that users can't be forced to, literally, buy into MS's world view.

This time, UNLIKE Win8, I'm not parting with a single penny until I KNOW, for certain, that those decisions result in a product thats not a god-awful retrograde step, like Win 8 was for me, because I'm not lashing out on another pile of …. garbage, only to leave it sitting on the shelf and reverting to W7 (or Linux).

If, and only if, final decisions lead to a product I find acceptable will I upgrade. If not, any new installations will be Linux, and suitable old ones will stay with Win7 …. or in some cases, already are staying with XP.

Meantime, until FINAL decisions are made and locked in, and made public, I personally don't give a left-handed flying …. fig …. about ongoing MS marketing hoopla and hype.
Windows 10 has stock UX design that's as/more unpleasant than Windows 8.x when released but can be customized into working condition? I'll give it a try.

Windows 10 edition/feature segmentation will end up being the OS's DLC scheme? Things are looking dim now.

Windows 10 ends up confirming the rumors of having a forced online account requirement for OS logon? Thanks but no thanks.

With all this considered, they better think right on what they intend to release to the public, otherwise many (myself included) will stop at Windows 8.1.
An insider has told me that Windows 10 will look like this :

Well, it's a ‘chapter’ in a book that I have pretty much closed, and therefore unlikely to be read by me.
Well, it's a ‘chapter’ in a book that I have pretty much closed, and therefore unlikely to be read by me.
I wonder if MS's recent activities, with Win8, and some XBO decisions, will be used as a case study in future business or marketing degrees of ‘How to hump off and alienate loads of customers’, or ‘How not to handle PR?’

If so, they're, erm, textbook examples. Maybe that's the book this is the 'Next chapter" of? :D