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Corel launching Paint Shop Pro XI

by Steve Kerrison on 12 September 2006, 17:32

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In September 2004, JASC launched version 9 of Paint Shop Pro. The following month Corel bought the company. The next September came along and PSP 10 (or Corel Paint Shop Pro X) surfaced. It's a new September, and version XI (that's 11) is here.

Corel doesn't seem to have made a press release yet, but its website is now populated with product pages on the new software, which comes with added "Photo" branding. So that's Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI... quite a mouthful.

Mulling over the name and version number no longer, what's new? The new PSP has photo organising features, grabbing snaps off digital cameras as they're plugged into the system. In a very web photo gallery-esque move, comments and tagging of photos is possible. The editing features look pretty powerful, ranging from changing particular colours in a picture in "just a few seconds, no selection tools required" to making ugly people look beautiful with "professional-strength tools that are easy to use". Professional strength, eh? Well if it's good enough for models...

For the photographer who likes to fool around with things like focal length, lens aperture, and so on, PSPP XI has an array of filters to change the appearance of photographs, from funky stylised work, to depth of field fiddling.

Of course, the big question is whether PSPP XI has enough features over PSP X to make it worth the £70 upgrade (or £117 for a full version... excluding VAT)? We'll see what the HEXUS.creative folks have to say about it...


PSPP XI on the Corel website.

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Has it been a year since PSP 10? scary!

when i first saw the headline i was going to say “that was quick”. guess a one year development schedule is pretty fast, but i didn't think it had come round so soon :)

ooh! handles RAW files. don't know if 10 did this too, but it's good to know
10 does do RAW, I have 10, use it for all the HEXUS graphics - VERY stable and so much more workable than previous versions.

Thats one thing I really should get round to learning how to do, yet just don't seem to be able to find enough time (or money) to learn photoshop. I'll have a look at PSP see if its any cheaper, and perhaps learn that instead :)

its a fifth of the price lol
Matt D;863851
its a fifth of the price lol
Does Adobe still release a Mac version of Photoshop? That'd explain the price difference :P