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HEXUS.TalkingShop: Corel chases the mainstream user

by Scott Bicheno on 25 September 2009, 16:56

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A common touch

Corel is a PC software company that's been around almost as long as the PC itself. Historically known for enthusiast and pro applications like Draw and Paint Shop, it has decided it's time to target the mainstream user.

At the start of September it launched Digital Studio 2010 - a multimedia suite that features both image and video editing and media creation, and is designed to be intuitive enough for even your correspondent to use.

In an interview filmed a couple of weeks ago, product marketing VP Dan Weisbeck talks to us about the reason Corel has decided to go in this new direction and the importance of designing it specifically for the mainstream user, rather than just de-featuring a professional application.

We also talk about the new touch-screen capabilities enabled by Windows 7. Weisbeck is particularly keen to stress that it is down to third party software makers to fully capitalise on the ‘multi touch', i.e. gesture driven, features, which are likely to become a much more common part of the way we interact with PCs once Windows 7 is launched.


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Why does this company bother making software anymore?

Does anyone even buy or use any of their software?
Why does this company bother making software anymore?

Does anyone even buy or use any of their software?

Corel Painter is the only Corel software I've ever used, the £250+ price tag will kill most non professional users interest though.
Corel is usually where good software goes to die. It is a shame, but it's true. Corel PhotoPaint, Corel PaintshopPro and Corel PhotoImpact all examples of apps they have killed or ran into the ground.

It's almost as if Corel is a front for Adobe to dispose of the competition.

They have some nice apps, unfortunatly the management and marketing of Commodore circa 1994.
When a company charges more for an update of their software (that just adds guaranteed Vista computability and new camera RAW support) than the software cost in the first place (Photoshop X2 (£17) > X2 ultimate upgrade (£40)) - They truly deserve to go under.

I'm never buying from them again.