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Ubuntu’s touch enabled interface to be revealed today

by Mark Tyson on 2 January 2013, 10:30

Tags: PC

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There’s a countdown teaser on the Ubuntu homepage, the timer will hit zero at 6PM today in the UK. It’s expected that at this time there will be an announcement made regarding a touch interface enabled Ubuntu OS. The site’s main banner hosting the countdown timer has the following strapline; “So close, you can almost touch it.”

Ubuntu is a free to download and use Linux based operating system. It was launched by Canonical Ltd, a UK based company, in 2004 and has since become the most popular Linux distribution on personal desktop/laptop computers. Canonical has committed to releasing a new version of Ubuntu every six months and there have been quite a lot of changes to the system over the years as well as Ubuntu variants which aren’t supported by Canonical.

In 2010 Ubuntu introduced a “controversial” new interface called Unity which contained contextual advertising to help pay for Canonical company expenses. Now it looks like there will be a new version of the Unity interface optimised for touch enabled devices. The new Unity interface is rumoured to unite desktop, netbook, tablet and smartphone with the same multi-touch ability and look and feel.

The new touch enabled Unity interface will present Canonical, the same challenges that Microsoft came against during its development of Windows 8/RT. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the interface designers at Canonical solve the fridge/toaster device interface problem. All will, hopefully, be revealed at 6PM...

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Just to note, Unity hasn't contained Amazon ads (which can be easily turned off) since it's first release, only since 12.10 late last year.
I thought Ubuntu already had a touch enabled interface with that silly interface they put on with Ubuntu 11 onwards.
Ubuntu has now landed on Android smartphones says the BBC
The Ubuntu home page currently has a big banner with 00:00:00 on it… It's been like that for the last 23 minutes, not very informative.
Here's Ubuntu's page about it;
This has been around for a while, unless they're making it more “open” now, providing ROMs for more devices.
I was very dismissive of the principle, and am still not keen on the idea of a ‘desktop on the phone’ (brings back too many memories of WinCE…) however I just saw the video on Engadget, and was pretty impressed.