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Futuremark plants the seeds for PCMark 7

by Navin Maini on 21 March 2011, 15:33

Tags: Futuremark

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Spring is in its midst as Futuremark has provided the first pickings of PCMark 7, the next iteration of its system benchmarking software.

Firmly rooted in the Windows 7 platform, PCMark 7 will provide seven benchmarking suites and put a system through its paces in a medley of 20+ scenarios including gaming, storage, image/video manipulation and web browsing.

Benchmark suites will range from the all-encompassing PCMark Suite that returns an official PCMark score, with five other options tailored to measuring system performance in particular areas - entertainment, creativity, productivity, computation and storage. Additionally, the Lightweight Suite will support entry-level systems that are unable to keep-up with the full offering.

With the emergence of netbooks and tablets, together with the increasing popularity of SSDs, Futuremark claims that it is working to infuse support for the latest technologies and innovations into a benchmark platform that can be accurately, and reliably, applied across a plethora of user scenarios.

We're told that a DirectX 9 class graphics adapter will be a pre-requisite to generate a PCMark score, whilst DirectX 10/11 solutions will be required for expanded testing options.

PCMark 7 is listed as coming soon.

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