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Document Foundation announces first stable release of LibreOffice

by Pete Mason on 25 January 2011, 17:02

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The open-source warriors over at The Document Foundation have announced that LibreOffice 3.3 - the first stable release - is now finished and ready to download.

For those who aren't familiar with either LibreOffice or the Foundation, the latter was formed from disenchanted OpenOffice developers following Sun's acquisition by Oracle. Apparently the devs weren't happy about the way that their new corporate masters were treating the community, so reformed free from the company's oversight.

Of course, being an open-source project, they were able to continue using the same code-base - thus the odd version-number for a first release - meaning that LibreOffice 3.3 is going to be largely the same as the last OpenOffice release.

There have been changes though. Although there are many more, the highlights included a hugely cleaned up code-base and the ability to import and work with SVG file.

The release is actually ahead of schedule, which - according to the official announcement - is a result of the large number of developers that the project has attracted.

And there's more good news to boot. Although there hasn't been an official announcement, Canonical VP Neil Levine has confirmed that LibreOffice would ship as the productivity suit of choice in Ubuntu 11.04, scheduled for release in April.

This won't come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the operating system's alpha releases and echoes earlier comments by founder Mark Shuttleworth. Nonetheless, it's quite the endorsement given Ubuntu's popularity, although hardly surprising, considering the fact that the OS has included OpenOffice for some time.

LibreOffice 3.3 is available to download now for Windows, OSX and Linux, while more details on the key changes are available on the Features and Fixes page.

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That's some good progress, will have to make the switch next time I blat my computer :)
I noticed OpenOffice was starting to get very bloated (compared to Abiword/Gnumeric for example). Hopefully this is a bit more lightweight…
Apparently the devs weren't happy about the way that their new corporate masters were treating the community
Anyone surprised that they didn't appreciate being asked to have “Welcome” tattooed on their chests and lie down in Oracle's doorway?
the highlights included a hugely cleaned up code-base
If that equates to more speed and/or less resource hungry then they'll get a big thumbs up from me - and heck, maybe even some money.

As to it's use on Ubuntu, replacing OpenOffice, I welcome this. I installed rc4 on my 10.04LTS/64 box using the instructions shown on the last post of http://http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1658563, and although it seems to take slightly longer to start up the first time, it's actually quite zippy in use (so far). Maybe the initial run does some setup that subsequent runs don't have to?

Oh, and rc4 is supposedly "bit-for-bit identical" to the final release. I just checked (with top) the memory usage (cpu usage is relatively low) is 618, 93, 63 MB for virtual allocation, real memory and shared mem - so not that much sign of any downsizing of the footprint yet.