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Mozilla previews Firefox 4

by Scott Bicheno on 11 May 2010, 09:16

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Watching its back

Mozilla's director of Firefox - Mike Beltzner - webcast the plans for the next major version of the Firefox browser with the Mozilla community yesterday, then posted the presentation on his blog.

While continually stressing that these are just plans, and that the end product could end up being quite different, he emphasised three key goals for Firefox 4. The Mozilla community will be focusing on speed, enabling new, open standard web technologies - especially HTML5, and offering more, easy to use control over browser settings.

"Usually software producers don't present these sorts of plans in public until they're finalized, but Mozilla is a little different," blogged Beltzner. "We work in the open, socializing our plans early and often to gather feedback and build excitement in our worldwide community."

While Mozilla will still be hoping to steal market share from its traditional rival - Microsoft's Internet Explorer - it must be growing evermore aware of the growth of Google Chrome, which has the reputation of being faster than either.

There's not much more to add for now, so we'll leave you with the slides from Beltzner's presentation. You can also watch the video of the webcast - if your browser supports open HTML video - here.


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So a bit more like Chrome and less like Firefox 3 that has become slow. Looking good. Firefox 3 works well, but slow and Chrome works fast but not 100% well.
FF3 certainly has been feeling slow the past couple of months. I have a Mac too, and safari tears web pages apart compared to FF on windows.