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Google releases Chrome beta for Mac and Linux

by Scott Bicheno on 8 December 2009, 17:33

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Trying to beta them all

Search giant Google has announced the release of beta versions of its Chrome web browser for the Apple Mac and Linux platforms, having launched it for the PC over a year ago.

Google didn't say too much about them in its blog post, other than to stress that the focus of the browser continues to be speed. "...there's hardly even time for the icon in the dock to bounce!" crowed the blog. You can see more about the Mac version in the video below.

Other apparent goodies include a bunch of different themes in the Linux version and the news that the open source community is continuing to make progress on Chromium - the Google sponsored open source browser.

We're not sure what direct relationship there is between developments on the Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system, but Apple will certainly be paying attention to the fact that Google has a lot more than just Microsoft in its sights.


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Just got the email earlier. I'm not in a hurry to install it, may take a look when it hits portage.
Hilariously, Google had an advert on Slashdot about it, before Slashdot had a post about it.

Can't see it making its way into Ubuntu Hardy… think I'll stick with FF3.0 for now.
Very happy with this, fed up with using safari and firefox on the mac. Hope it runs as well as it does on windows. :beta: