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Mozilla launches Firefox 3.5, claims using Internet Explorer is so 2006

by Parm Mann on 30 June 2009, 16:17

Tags: Firefox, Mozilla

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Mozilla has released the final version of its Firefox 3.5 browser, following a number of beta releases over the past nine months.

The browser, available to download at Mozilla.com, contains a number of performance and security enhancements, and new features including support for the <video> and <audio> tags defined by the HTML 5 specification.

As always, Mozilla's keen to urge users to switch from competing browsers such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and the Firefox 3.5 download page proudly displays the following image:

The English (British) download for Windows operating systems weighs in at about 7.7MB, and the release is also available in over 60 languages for either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems.

Want to see what else is new in Firefox 3.5? Here's a Mozilla-provided video preview:

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Well it works - rather embarassingly it then tried to open a missing “whats new” page on mozzilla doh!
I'll be holding off as it's telling me Snaplinks and Gmail manager won't work until they're updated - which would just drive me up the wall! Still no 64-bit version though? I mean c'mon…
im using it atm.
seems nice but pretty much all the same features and more are in my fav browser which is getting updated soon (opera)
Think I got auto updated to it a few days ago, and it runs fine for me….

The only thing I wish is that the British spellchecker actually had British spellings of words in it rather than bloody american ones *ARGH*
I have just updated to 3.5.

Im sure what its doing under the hood is great but just from looking, i dont like the fact that it always has a tab ondisplay, i much preferred the tab to be at the top if i had more than one open, also the new icon isnt as good!