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IBM reveals its cloud computing strategy

by Scott Bicheno on 6 October 2008, 16:30


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Cloud clarification

IT services giant IBM has officially announced its cloud computing strategy and come down on the side of a mixture of client installed and cloud based software and services - i.e. like Microsoft - as opposed to a cloud-only philosophy like Google's.

How this will be reconciled within the IBM/Google cloud computing research partnership remains to be seen, but it seems to confirm that we're unlikely to move entirely to the cloud anytime soon.

"We are moving our clients, the industry and even IBM itself to have a mixture of data and applications that live in the data center and in the cloud," said Willy Chiu, VP of high performance on demand solutions at IBM.

"IBM's cloud computing strategy was inspired by feedback from the business world's broadest IT customer base indicating a growing desire to utilize data, applications and services from any device and from any location based on open standards."

This new strategy has four key features:

  • Delivering its own cloud services portfolio
  • Helping ISVs design, build, deliver and market cloud services
  • Helping clients integrate cloud services into their business
  • Providing cloud computing environments to businesses

Among the specific launches accompanying this initiative is the public beta of Bluehouse - a cloud based professional social networking and collaboration service. Sort of like Linked In on steroids. You can access the beta here and feel free to look me up when you get there.

Lotus Sametime Unyte is a cloud based web conferencing service that can be viewed here. Other new products include: IBM Rational Policy Tester OnDemand, IBM Rational AppScan OnDemand, Telelogic Focal Point and Remote Data Protection. There are also some new cloud resources for ISVs.


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