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SteelSeries intros entry level Rival 100 optical gaming mouse

by Mark Tyson on 14 October 2015, 13:01

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SteelSeries has launched the Rival 100 optical gaming mouse, which it claims "brings unmatched performance, at an unrivalled price". In reaching the £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 price tag the firm says "we sacrificed nothing." The RGB illuminated, PixArt sensor equipped, six button ergonomic mouse was designed and refined with a particular eye on eSports.

"We determined early-on that we weren't going to sacrifice anything when designing the Rival 100. In fact, it was our goal to develop a multi-button gaming mouse, with features and performance beyond any similarly-priced mouse," said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. "We are confident that this is the mouse gamers are demanding."

It is claimed that the SteelSeries Rival 100 optical gaming mouse offers 40 per cent higher tracking accuracy and movement-tracking speeds up to 33 per cent faster than top competitive mice. In addition to that all-important performance, SteelSeries has managed to equip customizable Prism RGB lighting, an ambidextrous 'premium build' and 30 million click rated button switches.

SteelSeries Rival 100 key specifications

  • PixArt 3059-SS optical gaming sensor with 8 CPI steps up to 4000, 143 IPS, and 20g acceleration.
  • Can provide 1:1 optical tracking experience, offers optimal low lift off distance.
  • On-board zero hardware acceleration
  • Six buttons rated for 30 million clicks
  • Prism RGB illumination
  • Ambidextrous design with soft-touch surfaces and sculpted, textured side grips
  • GameSense customisation of lighting, button mapping, sensor CPI, plus storage and retrieval of these settings

The mouse is available right now, in a black finish, via the SteelSeries website. As mentioned above, it is priced at £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 depending upon your region.

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That is a nice looking mouse… appeals to my tastes, and is just the kind of device i like, functional, clean lines, easy to hold, no blocky angles. I reckon i might try one of these next time i need a new mouse.
Yeah also a nice optical sensor, rgb lighting to match any setup, ambidextrous so will work for lefties and just the right amount of buttons.

Sometimes the budget models are better.
Sometimes the budget models are better.

Indeed, my Sharkoon Drakonia has been immensely good and I reckon about the same price. Shame about the paint job..
Ah finally a candidate to replace my ageing Razer Diamondback. Clean, functional looks, decent price tag … I just hope the software isn't mandatory.
Fingers crossed does not fail on durability and no dodgy software as a service nonsense.

Acceptable aesthetics and reasonable price. That's a good start. Shortlisted for next mouse.