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Buffalo launches the TeraStation III

by Scott Bicheno on 9 March 2009, 17:13

Tags: Buffalo Technology

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One higher

The inevitable increase in storage capacities means storage vendors must adapt their naming accordingly. Hence Buffalo technology has moved its TeraStation SMB network attached storage (NAS) brand up to level three.

Among the claims being made for the TeraStation III is that it's Buffalo's fastest NAS device yet (up to 60MB/s) and key features include hot swap functionality, which automatically powers down the drive in the event of failure, allowing its replacement without any downtime or, it's claimed, loss of data. The four hard drives permit redundancy levels of RAID 0, 1, 5 or RAID 10 as standard.

"Packed with business enhancing features, the TeraStation III has been designed with ease of use, reliability and performance in mind," said Northern European sales director Paul Hudson.  "Those concerned with security will also benefit from the automatic disk encryption feature, which will ensure critical data is secured, stored and managed safely."

Currently there are 2TB, 4TB and 6TB SKUs available, with an 8TB one due later this quarter. Buffalo says they're available from Misco and Insight among others, but at time of writing we couldn't find them on Misco and there were a couple of SKUs on pre-order at Insight.


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What would be the benefits of this compared to a server with hard drives attached?? Vice versa?

This is going to be well over £200, right? A basic PC can be put together for that. Stick a ‘server’ badge on it (lol) and use the SATA ports for HDDs, and the mobo's gigabit lan will get 60mbps+.

Size-wise, the TeraStation might be smaller.

Tell me: What am I missing?