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The ultimate mouse?

by Parm Mann on 25 July 2008, 14:09

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James Sherwood of The Register reports:

Stick the word concept before a product name and you’ve got yourself an instant excuse for craziness. Well, the concept Alien Mouse is no exception.

This four-section mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind and designer Mizanur Rehman claims that his Alien Mouse “is the solution to desktop comfort, health, style and design”.

A rear forearm support operates as a pivot point for the hand and is extendable to provide customisable comfort for individual users. This section is connected to a larger “Wrist Sphere” that’s essentially a soft plastic cushion to prevent compression of the ligaments and veins.

The “Wrist Sphere” then connects into the “Palm Sphere,” which is described as the body of the mouse from where all the hand parts spread. Its flat shape is designed to allow the wrist to arch smoothly over the surface before leading the hand onto the actual mouse itself – or the “Button Sphere”.

This final finger-focused sphere combines a large surface area and a finger joystick to help “reduce the need for unnecessary movement”. Movable finger supports are also provided to help grip the mouse to the hand.

A vibration motor’s even built into the mouse so that users have the pleasure of small pulses as they click their way around the screen.

A release date or price for the Alien Mouse hasn’t been confirmed.

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I want this, looking at it my brains says that might work and in truth this goes past geek envy or faster responses in FPS games, I want it cause my wrists are starting to feel the strain of working all day on a computer and then playing games in the evening and it looks like the wrist support is comfy :D
by the looks of it you may need a very large desk to use it.
Yeah wud be nice to see some ‘to scale’ shots to get a feeling of its size, as a concept its dead interesting though. I image the price tag will be out of the range of the people it would benefit from it most i.e data inputters/admin/clerical work etc.
That does sound interesting.
it is just beautiful! but how complicate to get using it?