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Whirlwind FX Element keyboard mirrors on-screen action in RGB

by Mark Tyson on 8 April 2020, 12:11

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US gaming peripherals company Whirlwind FX has introduced a new mechanical gaming keyboard with 'content-reactive' RGB lighting. Tying the keyboard RGB backlighting to the content on screen delivers a next level immersive gaming experience, asserts Whirlwind FX. It goes on to say that the RGB lighting of its Element gaming keyboard can be customised for any PC game.

Whirlwind FX's distinctive special sauce, as there are plenty of RGB keyboards available, is a software engine which "detects and recognizes events and critical utility moments - explosions, varied environments, damage taken, health levels, healing, shields - producing synchronized LED patterns, bursts of colour," and more, for greater in-game immersion.

The Element gaming keyboard software includes a "constantly-expanding library of patented game extensions," for particular AAA games, delivering a tuned reactive illumination experience. Whirlwind FX has wisely patented its reactive lighting tech but allows users to make their own extensive customisations using its open-platform 'Signal' lighting software. This software allows users to leverage basic HTML5/Canvas and Javascript skills to make their own custom lighting scripts and lighting effects using the 16.8m colours per key. Such designers are encouraged to share their works.

Now I've covered the USPs of this keyboard it is worth looking at the foundation upon which its special charms are built. The Element has a brushed aluminium body, and uses Kailh key switches with high-emission per key RGB and zero bounce technology. Whirlwind FX is offering the choice of Red linear and Blue clicky keyswitches with gold contacts and whichever you choose there will be an actuation distance of 1.7mm and actuation force of 50G. The wired keyboard polls at 1,300 to 1,400Hz and has an N-key rollover option.

A keyboard shortcut can bring up the Engine software and there are brightness and media controls available as standard in the full 104-key ANSI layout.

At the time of writing the Element keyboard is on offer for US$99 instead of $129 and is available in North America only. The Blue clicky key switches version is currently sold out.

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My logitech does this too, how is this news?
New keyboard offers a very crude attempt to immitate on-screen action… But who even sees what the keyboard is doing in the midst of a hectic on-screen encounter, anyway?
At least my Logitech G19 screen applets actually have purpose in games.

Also not a fan of mech boards where the RGB spills out around the key sides, like that. I'm playing around with a Corsair K95 at the minute and it's hideous.
My logitech does this too, how is this news?

Indeed, as does my Razer, and a corsair owner's iCue ;) I prefer to use project Aurora as the scripting & colourising tool over Razers in most cases, but tbh both work well for different cases.

My main games all have custom layouts & triggers - e.g. for PUBG I have grenade timers that tick down on my numpad (based on key press, so accounts for cooking too :) ), or in WoW WeakAura can trigger keyboard lighting rather than just on-screen hotkeys (with a profile per class here, which is fun).

Some titles have baked in API support for keyboards too which is nice, although sadly not many for Razer ;/ Farcry 5 has some nice integration with iCue for example. I wish more did, would mean less work for me & others in writing profiles!
I don't understand what all the hoopla is about RBG.
Nothing new in the way of kbord dev so,…LED?
I would like a keyboard with light in it, but i doubt i would use that light in several colors and surely not animated.
Stuff like that i am sure would drive me insane. ( more insane )