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Control in the palm of your hand with the diNovo Mini

by Nick Haywood on 11 January 2008, 01:44

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It's a keyboard for your media system, but it's teeny…

CES 2008 Logitech is really going for the home media sector, targeting the living room with some impressive controllers. We tell you all about the new Harmony remote in another article but the diNovo Mini could actually win a place in many HTPC users’ hearts.

To cut a long story short, it’s basically a mini keyboard, no bigger than a small palmtop PC and packed with loads of media PC features, such as media hotkeys, the obligatory Media Centre button, playback and volume controls and so on.

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The diNovo Mini uses Bluetooth to hook up to your PC, which to my mind is a damn sight better than IR as you haven’t got to sit in the sweet spot or wave the remote around trying to hit the IR receiver… which would be a massive pain if you were trying to type on the diNovo Mini.

The diNovo Mini keyboard introduces an innovative, dual-purpose ClickPad. The round, thumb-sized ClickPad can be used as a touch pad to point, scroll and click. Or, it can be used as a media remote and directional pad to navigate menus and make selections. The ClickPad features two backlight modes. When in touch-pad mode, the ClickPad is backlighted in orange. When in media-remote mode, the ClickPad’s directional buttons are backlighted in green. The keyboard keys, however, are always backlighted in orange.

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Expect to see the diNovo Mini in shops soon.

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