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Forget just quiet, Noctua is developing a noise-cancelling fan

by Alistair Lowe on 31 May 2012, 10:36

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With Computex less than a week away, the pre-event announcements are beginning to roll out and, this time around, Noctua has a device that will no doubt appeal to PC enthusiasts, looking for high-end cooling but low-end noise pollution from their computers.

We'll warn now, that what Noctua is to be showing at this year's computex is but a prototype, however, if it works as well as it should, we could be hearing a significant drop in PC noise, as Noctua demonstrates a noise-cancelling fan.

The prototype is essentially an existing Noctua NF-F12 model, paired with noise-cancelling technology from RotoSub. For those unfamiliar with the concept of noise cancellation, you can imagine noise as a wave; if a wave of the same pattern but opposite amplitude is played back at the same time, the two cancel each other out. This is something possible with a fan because the type of noise it produces is fairly consistent.

What makes RotoSub's technology unique, however, is that it actually modulates the power feed into the fan, using the fan itself to generate the noise cancelling sound, avoiding the need for costly speakers and better aligning the noise cancelling wave with the original.

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woh interesting, I wonder what kind of motor they have to be able to do this, some kind of stepper I'd assume.

I then ask myself how long such a motor would last!
I'm still sceptical it will be silent, I've bought many fans and have to undervolt even the best.
I'm still sceptical it will be silent, I've bought many fans and have to undervolt even the best.

I think the interesting part isn't that it may be silent… but the possibility that you can now run fans at a higher speed with no increase in loudness, increasing cfm/db.
Would these fans only run at one consistent speed?
This is interesting! I'm might need something like this, as I always sneak out of bed during midnight and play on my PC. Unfortunately, my noisy chassis fans always end up waking up my nephew who's sleeping beside me, ruining my moment, LOL.